Bride and Groom standing on a bridge in the woods at Saratoga Springs

Fall Wedding at Saratoga Springs


This fall wedding at Saratoga Springs included a spectacular fall colors, a daytime dance party, and a rouge guest that brought their own microphone! So much fun!!

This fall wedding at Saratoga Springs was a lot of fun! As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen couples plan their special day in various ways, but Liz and Gerald’s last-minute wedding at Saratoga Springs this fall was nothing short of extraordinary. Despite the tight timeline, they managed to pull off a beautiful and memorable celebration that perfectly captured their love and spontaneity.

Saratoga Springs, nestled in the heart of Northern California, is an idyllic venue for weddings, especially in the fall. The crisp autumn air, vibrant foliage, and serene surroundings create a magical atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding. Liz and Gerald chose this location for its natural beauty and the peaceful ambiance it offers.

One of the highlights of Liz and Gerald’s wedding was the lively daytime dance party. The couple’s friends and family hit the dance floor early, filling the day with laughter, music, and plenty of fun. The energy was infectious, and it was a joy to capture candid shots of everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.

Every wedding has its quirky moments, and Liz and Gerald’s was no exception. One of their family members brought their own microphone and made random announcements throughout the day. Whether it was announcing the start of the dance party, sharing funny anecdotes about the couple, or just making everyone laugh with impromptu jokes, this unexpected addition added a delightful and personal touch to their fall wedding at Saratoga Springs

After delivering this wedding, I anxiously awaited their response (like I do with all weddings). In case you don’t know, photographers love to get immediate responses after spending so much time and effort on a wedding. This particular email I got reminded me why I love my job so much. It read, “The photos are nothing short of stunning! I am speechless (and writing this through tears). There is one photo of my nephew who is on the spectrum and he is smiling. I’ve never seen him smile. Thank you. Just thank you. I don’t know what else to say.”

Vendor team:

Venue: Saratoga Springs

Photography: Lisa Stone Photography

Flowers: Flowers by Ivy

Hair & Makeup: Michelle Phung

Photo Booth: Bay Area Photo Bus

DJ: Linh Ngo

Caterer: Michi’s Catering

Shaved Ice: Island Sno

Officiant: Rich Menefee


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