Madison 18th Birthday 453

Palace Hotel Birthday Party


The Palace Hotel is one of my favorite venues in San Francisco. You can feel the timeless elegance as you walk in. I can’t imagine a better place to celebrate an 18th birthday!

This Palace Hotel birthday party, located in the heart of San Francisco, was so fun to shoot! The event was a vivid tapestry of tradition, friendship, and a young woman stepping gracefully into adulthood. From the moment the guests stepped into the lavish ballroom, they were enveloped in an ambiance that blended classic luxury with modern flair.

Madison’s mother, the architect behind this grand affair, had orchestrated an event that was nothing short of magical. Her attention to detail was evident in every corner of the room, from the opulent chandeliers casting a warm glow over the guests to the intricate floral arrangements by A2 Imagine that adorned the tables. 

A ceremony of 18 candles, brought together friends and family in a symbolic act of love and guidance. Each candle, lit by someone special in Madison’s life, represented a strength and wisdom for the years to come. This was complemented by the presentation of 18 flowers, each bloom signifying a year of life and the beauty of growth and potential yet to unfold. I haven’t photographed many 18th birthday parties, but I will never forget this Palace Hotel birthday party!

Vendor Team:

Venue: Palace Hotel 

Planner: Joy Salgado at the Palace Hotel

Photography: Lisa Stone Photography

Floral Design: A2 Imagine

Videography: Kapwa Kollektive

DJ: Four Leaf Entertainment

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